Albright Education Centre

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We are the short term education provider for the borough of Sandwell delivering education for pupils who are experiencing ill-health or trauma of a psychological/psychiatric nature.


Referral Process

When a child is too ill to access education at his/her mainstream school a referral is made to our Service by a medical practitioner or by the school, with supporting data from a medical practitioner ie CAMHS, consultant, physio.

Once a referral has been made, additional information is gathered from the school to assist the decision-making process about how best to meet the needs of the child.

The Senior Leadership Team meets with the parents/carers and pupil and a plan is drawn up for the period of tuition after discussing:


1.     Education and medical needs.

2.     The projected period for tuition.

3.     Pupil’s education plan.

4.     Re-integration to mainstream school, when ready.

5.     Review meetings.


Albright Education Centre will ensure that the pupil’s views are taken into consideration during the discussion..

All pupils  remain on the roll of their mainstream school for the duration of education  and there is close communication between the Service and mainstream school.

Termly reports are sent to parents and to school and regular reviews are held, to which parents and school representatives are invited.

Re-integration Process

The Service liaises closely with all professionals to determine when it is appropriate for a pupil to return to school. After discussion with school and parents a re-integration plan is devised for each pupil according to his/her individual needs. This facilitates a smooth return to school.


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