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We are the School, Home and Hospital Tuition Service for the borough of Sandwell, providing education for pupils who are experiencing ill-health or trauma of a psychological nature.

Our staff work with young people:                                                                             

  •  at our Albright Centre base in Tipton
  •  at the bedside or in our classroom at Sandwell General Hospital
  •  in individual pupil’s homes for home-tuition

We provide a safe and supportive environment where pupils can achieve their potential academically, emotionally and socially while they are unable to attend mainstream school.  Our service works closely with the mainstream schools, parents and pupils to ensure children are supported in their transition back to mainstream education when it is appropriate for each individual.

Pupils receive an appropriate education or a reintegration programme with our Service and have access to a wide and varied curriculum of academic, vocational and enrichment courses. They are supported by specialist teachers, counsellors and the Sandwell School Nursing Service as well as other agencies, including CAMHS and Connexions.

Our pupils achieve the academic qualifications which enable them to move on to college or training placements. We also equip them with the life skills and resilience to enable them to cope with personal challenges.

The Service's equal opportunities policy ensures that there is no discrimination against any group or individual, regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political or financial status. We seek to ensure that pupils develop values which are acceptable in the modern British society of which they are a part. All staff contribute to these values through our tutorial system, assemblies and the general interaction between pupils and staff, in which guidance plays an important part.

We are proud of our Service, which has been judged ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED at the last three inspections, 2010, 2013 and 2018. 

We are a happy team of pupils and staff and welcome visitors to experience what our Service has to offer. 

Kate Hazelwood
Head Teacher

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