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I am incredibly proud to be Head Teacher at Albright Education Centre - Sandwell's Short Provision for Social, Emotional, Mental Health and medical pupils.


We work with young people:

  • at our school in Tipton (Key Stage 2 - 4)
  • at the bedside or in our classroom at Sandwell General Hospital
  • in individual homes or virtually for home-tuition

Our specialist staff work closely with pupils, parents and schools to ensure children are able to access a broad and balanced curriculum whilst still receiving social and emotional support including mentoring, enrichment and a variety of therapists.


Our school has been judged 'outstanding' by OFSTED at the last three inspections - but more importantly it is thought of as outstanding by the Albright family - our pupils, parents, staff and Sandwell schools that refer children to us.


We are a happy team and welcome visitors to see the wonderful provision we have to offer.


Kate Hazelwood                                         
Head Teacher

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