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Welcome to our teaching and learning blog for Albright Education Centre.  We'd like to take you with us on our journey as we explore new teaching ideas and dive deeper into current educational topics.

Each month we'll update you on three areas, Think, Teach and Tweet.  Think is where we will explore some of the big questions facing education at the moment.  Teach will be focused on sharing new experiences within the classroom and their impact.  Finally, Tweet will be something that we've recently found within the Twitter community that has sparked interest. 

Thanks for joining us on this learning journey!



#ThinkTeachTweet - January 2022

#ThinkTeachTweet - November 2021

#ThinkTeachTweet - October 2021

#ThinkTeachTweet - September 2021

 #ThinkTeachTweet - June 2021

#ThinkTeachTweet - May 2021

#ThinkTeachTweet - April 2021

#ThinkTeachTweet - March 2021

#ThinkTeachTweet - February 2021

#ThinkTeachTweet - January 2021

#ThinkTeachTweet - December 2020


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